Apathy Still

“God’s design of the whale came with no handle that man should guide the leviathans with- So it would be from the depths of their waters that my blood spilled to thin away in exhaustive clouds. My sacrifice graved me in purgatory where heavenly sized grey skinned angels cared not one way or the other.”

July 4th. I abandoned this blog a year ago. My daughter had been recently born at that time -during which I took to another more discreet blog where I could discuss the depression I was experiencing at the time. I worked out a catalyst for myself by leaving Alaska. (I’ve since deleted all the posts I left behind save one)

I am now in Colorado. I have 4 children who are healthy. I, myself, am happy. I have successfully filed bankruptcy. I have yet to successfully file divorce.

I do hope to return home to Alaska soon. Until then I’ve been working on a chapter project that incorporates Alaskan folklore. The first chapter is only a week or so away from publication.

Meanwhile, I write often on zathom.com
– You can find me there as user smclopez.